Industry news: 2FA in Germany

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151109 2-factor authentication


Nov. 2015 – BaFin, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, has decided that 2-factor-authentication is mandatory for all E-Commerce purchases in Germany, when using Credit Card or Direct Debit. To fulfil the new BaFin directive there has to be an additional security level implemented on top of the existing online shop password.

The most secure and frictionless authentication method is the so called ‘one-time-pin’ solution – delivered by SMS. With direct connection to all German Mobile Operators DIMOCO provides highest level of quality & security for processing text message based 2-factor-authentication.


Market Special: A2P Wholesale Messaging in Germany

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In co-operation with Portio Research, DIMOCO published a new mobile messaging market special. This time the German A2P text messaging market has been analyzed. According to Portio Research, 11.4 billion A2P- and P2A-text messages were measured in Germany in 2013. In 2018 1.76 billion 1 and 2-way messages are expected worldwide.


“The German 1 and 2-way messaging market can be classified as a mature market. The contribution of A2P traffic is above worldwide average,” says Karl Whitfield, Research Director, Portio Research. “Our internal analyses confirm this as well. Aggregators as well as corporate customers use our 0-hop connection to the German mobile network operators,” says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO President & CEO.


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