DIMOCO trend update: more 1-click payment revenue in countries with higher smartphone penetration rate

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Top smartphone countries

One of the incubators of carrier billing is the smartphone penetration rate. So, the higher the smartphone volume, the greater the potential to generate revenues from 1-click payment using the mobile channel. BUT: The beauty of carrier billing is that billing digital content can be also done on feature phones. Find out more about the carrier billing market potential and download your free copy of the DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe 3.0”: http://www.dimoco.eu/publications.html

Study confirmed smartphone billing as an opportunity for new revenues

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130704 AT Kearney Study

Following a recent study by AT Kearney, Europeans will pay more with non-cash payment methods: The number of cashless payment transactions in the 27 EU countries will increase from about 90 billion at the moment to about 175 billion by 2020. This represents a growth of 8 per cent per year.
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