DIMOCO country update: carrier billing market special Greece

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DIMOCO Greece Market Special

DIMOCO today published its new carrier billing special report covering the Greek market. The study shows Greece’s mobile handset penetration at 16.68 million, and that the country’s consumption of digital content in the areas of ePublishing, eGames, home videos and music is developing at a considerable rate. The report findings point to enormous profits for digital content merchants who integrate carrier billing into their checkout process.



DIMOCO’s “Carrier Billing Market Special Greece” is the company’s eighth-market analysis study and shows the following user trends:

• 16.68 million handsets (including 42.6 percent of smartphones) are available on the Greek market.
• Cosmote (with a market share of 43.05 percent), Vodafone (30.6 percent) and Wind (26.35 percent) are the three primary brands operating in the country’s mobile network. Overall, there is a total of 17.16 million mobile subscribers.
• Mobile handset penetration is an impressive 154.7 percent, while credit cards penetration rate is 11.6 percent.

“Greece is one of the top five carrier billing markets,” said Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO president & CEO. “Our local presence combined with our know-how and support gives digital content providers the chance to successfully expand their businesses to the Greek market.”



Greek digital content market expectations:
The report cited Price Waterhouse Coopers’ “Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020” on the future of the four main digital content segments in Greece, indicating strong growth across the board. Currently, eGames is the strongest segment in the market with 2015 revenues of 68.4 million euros. This sector will experience a growth rate of 1.6-times current numbers to reach 96.3 million euros in 2020, according to the report.



All regional DIMOCO Carrier Billing Market Reports (Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, as well as its broader European report) can be accessed at http://www.dimoco.eu/publications.html

Greece Market Special download here

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T: +43 1 33 66 888-0, E: sales@dimoco.eu

DIMOCO trend update: DIMOCO Publishes Carrier Billing Market Report for Hungary

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Market Special_Hungary

DIMOCO released its latest report highlighting the key market trends and data for the Hungarian carrier billing market. With 10.79 million handsets and a smartphone penetration rate of 41.8 percent, Hungary offers significant carrier billing market potential to enhance customer monetization, increase conversion rates and enable payments on multiple screens.


Another recent report further illustrates the promise of the Hungarian market. According to the Price Waterhouse Coopers study “Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020”, the Hungarian digital content space will continue to grow in four key segments: publishing, gaming, home video and music. The strongest growth is expected in the home video

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market citing a revenue increase of 2.8 percent from 10.8 million Euros in 2015 to and estimated 30.7 million Euros in 2020. As an already mature market, gaming will grow less in comparison to the other segments, but will achieve a revenue of 47.9 million Euros in 2020. Publishing and digital music are expecting similar growth rates of 1.8 percent between 2015 and 2020. While the publishing area, which includes eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, will increase its digital sales from 19.9 million Euros in 2015 to 36.1 million Euros in 2020. Music is the smallest digital content segment, generating 8.1 million Euros by 2020.


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DIMOCO trend update: Multiple screens will drive digital content revenue in coming years

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Digital content revenues

Digital content revenues will increase from just less than USD 140 billion worldwide in 2015 to USD 180 billion in 2017, according to Juniper Research’s new white paper “Making Digital Content Pay”. As a leading payment institute for carrier billing, DIMOCO not only sees the same industry trend but also knows why it’s happening. The reason: A growing migration from physical to digital as well as a strong tendency from consumers to buy and use digital content on multiple screens.


Anticipating these industry changes, DIMOCO maneuvered nimbly, making the move to provide carrier billing on multiple screens. Juniper Research’s reinforces the foresight of this choice.


“As content migrates to digital,” the study explains, “there is an attendant trend away from content ownership and towards content access: it is perceived as far more critical to be able to say ‘listen to a song on multiple devices than to own it’. It also means that, increasingly, the device on which you pay for the content may not be the device on which you primarily access that content.”


Looking at the various digital content segments Juniper Research estimates games will continue to represent the largest share of digital content sales. Most notable in the report is the fact that video will have the strongest average annual growth level in the short and medium term. This will be another development in the shift from the linear viewing experience to a personalized, on-demand schedule. The second largest growth rates are anticipated in the ePublishing space.


The white paper is available to download from the Juniper website along with further details of the full research and the attendant Interactive Forecast Excel. To see what DIMOCO and Juniper Research estimate for “The Future of Carrier Billing in Europe”, including the entire digital content market potential with a payment method achieving up to 77 percent of conversion rates at first time transactions, download the Juniper Research & DIMOCO white paper.


Happy to hear your thoughts & questions about the future of digital content

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and payment via Twitter https://twitter.com/Dimoco #DIMOCO or email us at hello@dimoco.eu

DIMOCO trend update: fintech the revolution, carrier billing the big game changer

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Carrier billing the big game changer

From our perspective carrier billing is the big game changer in the digital payment area – also confirmed within our latest Juniper Research publications. We are happy to present you DIMOCO’s brand new fintech overview. DIMOCO, defining the fintech future.

DIMOCO trend update: more 1-click payment revenue in countries with higher smartphone penetration rate

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Top smartphone countries

One of the incubators of carrier billing is the smartphone penetration rate. So, the higher the smartphone volume, the greater the potential to generate revenues from 1-click payment using the mobile channel. BUT: The beauty of carrier billing is that billing digital content can be also done on feature phones. Find out more about the carrier billing market potential and download your free copy of the DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe 3.0”: http://www.dimoco.eu/publications.html

MNOs vote for DIMOCO Messaging in the Rocco vendor performance report

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Rocco SMS Vendor Performance Report

Rocco has launched its A2P SMS messaging vendor performance research 2016: Until June 6th, mobile network operators have the opportunity to give their views of A2P SMS vendors. DIMOCO messaging is happy to get your votes, dear MNOs! :-) To take part in the survey please follow the link: https://www.research.net/r/ROCCOA2PVP16


The vendor performance research is exclusive for MNOs. Market research company, Rocco, has fine-tuned the list of KPIs in which MNOs can rate vendors on performance and leadership in order to dig

a little deeper into the current status of opinions of vendors. MNOs who take part will receive an exclusive executive summary report which shows a vendor’s ranking according to the MNO KPI ratings and an overview of all the hot topics.

DIMOCO trend update: What are the main drivers for the A2P messaging growth?

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A2P SMS drivers

The A2P SMS market value worldwide is expected to grow from USD 55 billion in 2015 to USD 60 billion in 2020 says Juniper Research. DIMOCOs’ new A2P messaging trend overview shows the main drivers of the A2P SMS market growth. To download a free copy of the “mobile messaging worldwide” poster please go to the: publications area on the DIMOCO website

DIMOCO trend update: Carrier billing white paper shows up to 88% conversion rate

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Conversion Rate Carrier vs Credit Card Billing

According to DIMOCOs’ brand new white paper first-time transaction rates for operator billing of 70-77% (vs. 10-12% on credit cards) and for repeat purchases of 80-88% conversion rate (vs. 20-25% on credit cards) have been measured. DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe” was released in its third edition now and can be downloaded for free: Go to DIMOCO publications

DIMOCO MWC update: It’s all about Carrier Billing today

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150218 DIMOCO@ the MWC report-01

Presentation of the brand new white paper, good (night) party afterwards. It’s all about DIMOCO Carrier Billing in Barcelona on the very first day of the Worlds’ leading telecommunication fair. Come and visit us at our booth today: DIMOCO MWC exhibition stand, Hall 8.1 App Planet, booth number 8.1K41, presentation starts at 4 p.m.

DIMOCO France Mobile Operator Payment Special

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140313 DIMOCO country update-01   With France DIMOCO publishes the third edition of its mobile operator payment country special. A mobile handset penetration rate of 98.4 percent compared with credit card ownership of 37.5 percent shows enormous potential when it comes to billing digital content via mobile operator payment. A fact that is also reflected in the development of value added data services: According to ARCEP, an increase from 196 million Euros in the fourth quarter 2012 up to 226 million Euros in the fourth quarter 2013 was measured. This represents an annual growth rate of 15.4percent and includes premium-rate services such as various data and push services, e.g. chat rooms, weather forecasts, TV game shows, horoscopes,

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ringtone downloads and corresponds to all amounts billed to customers by operators, including out payments from operators to service providers. At the same time the number of value-added data service messages decreased from 209 million messages in Q4/2012 to 183 million messages in Q4/2013 – representing a decrease of 12.6percent. “More and more payment transactions are made through direct carrier billing”, says Gerald Tauchner, explaining the trends in the mobile operator payment industry.   Digital content can be billed using three billing types and up to a tariff range of 30 Euros The DIMOCO country special reveals mobile operator payment specific data and gives insights into the French market. In France, billing digital content is possible with all four mobile network operators: Orange, which has a market share of 44.2%; SFR, the second mobile network operator in the country with a market share of 34%; Bouygues Telecom (17.7%) and Free Mobile (4.1%). Three different billing types are available on the French market: Besides premium SMS and direct carrier billing, mobile network operators also offer ISP (Internet Service Provider) billing. While “SMS+” stands for the French Premium SMS Billing Solution, “Internet + Mobile” is the Direct Carrier Billing Solution and “Internet + Box” is the well-known, commonly used billing interface where consumers are charged via their Internet Service Provider (ISP) in France. “Including ISP billing in their portfolio is rather specific to the French market, but expands our business customers’ reach”, comments Gerald Tauchner. The payment method is well-known and commonly used in

France.   Mobile operator payment flows in France Digital content on the mobile and the web channel can be billed as one-off and subscription services and up to a tariff range of 30 Euros. Via mobile operator payment DIMOCO provides a by the mobile operator managed Web TAN opt-in process where a unique SMS pin code is entered on the payment page. Via ISP billing and additionally to the mobile operator payment process the consumers has to login with his username and password the first time.   140624 France_Digital You can download the poster here