Welcoming refugees!

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Since we are a company that embraces multicultiralism 5 DIMOCO employees got a day off to help the Caritas organization “Wir helfen” at the Vienna Westbahnhof!
First we gave the clothes distribution team, many boxes and bags full of clothes , shoes, toys and old cellphones we have collected from our colleagues !
Caritas was so thankful!
Then we went to the goods donation and before we started to help them in the storage, we bought SIM cards, bananas, nuts,

etc with the money we had for disposal!


There was a lot of positive energy, happy mood, familiarity and a great willingness to help!
People of different ages, nations and social backgrounds were one team to help people in need!
The Caritas co-ordinators are perfectly organized and relaxed even though they are in the middle of a refugee crisis!



It was nice to be able to help Caritas and we say thank you for so much humanity, dedication, positive atmosphere, cordial coexistence and all without prejudice! Caritas “Wir helfen” is so well organized – they should taken as an example!
People for People!