DIMOCO Corporate news: TAF partners up with the University of Graz

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The Technical University in Graz, the Institute for Navigation and further project partners such as TAF mobile GmbH have started a research project on the topic of “Mobility in the future: design personal mobility innovatively, develop the transport infrastructure together”.

“The aim is to make it possible for blind persons to use local public transport independently and safely and orientate themselves in complex transport interchange points using an interface designed for visually impaired persons. As a partner in the INK 2016 project, we are supporting the EU Directives 2022 for full barrier-free mobility in European urban transport,” says Jörg Wagner, Managing Director of TAF mobile GmbH.

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Carrier billing used to bill mobile tickets, visit TAF at the Innotrans

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easy.GO Innotrans


Visit TAFmobile’s booth at the InnoTrans2016 to see carrier billing used within the mobile application easy.GO. The InnoTrans will take place in Berlin from 20-23 September 2016, the TAFmobile booth is located in hall 2.1, number 103. For more information please visit: http://www.tafmobile.de/en/events.html

Congrats – TAF honoured with BEST OF IT 2016 award!

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160315 TAF-01


The innovative IT solution of “The green paperless bus stop” from TAF mobile GmbH has been ranked among the best in the “industry software” category of the 2016 IT INNOVATION PRIZE. The holistic digital concept of the Jena-based IT company specialising in local public transport impressed the jury of experts and the firm was named “BEST OF 2016”: the company also received a certificate and an entry in the IT “best list”!


We are delighted about this accolade. It confirms the pioneering nature of digitisation and the power of our software company to innovate,” is how Jörg Wagner, Managing Director of TAF mobile GmbH, welcomed the award.


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TAF mobile wins “mobile ticketing” tender for Magdeburg transport services

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150910 TAF mobile-01


DIMOCO company TAF mobile GmbH, the Jena-based IT company specializing in local public transport, has been awarded the contract to develop and operate the “easy.GO” mobile ticketing service by Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG (MVB). The objective is to connect the new Magdeburg transport area to the existing version of the tried-and-tested easy.GO local public transport app by the end of the year as an additional sales channel for Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe.



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follows on from the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV), Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS) and Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) regions that have already been integrated.


Read more: TAF Mobile News

Barrier-free mobility for all

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150601 Guest blog. Werner Bischof-01


ways4me is the final project in the ways4all series of projects and is implemented by several prestigious partners under the leadership of the “Energy, transport and environmental management” course at the JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences in Kapfenberg. People with disabilities will find it easier to travel thanks to this project. Its aim is to produce a barrier-free application for mobile devices by bringing together intuitive operation of indoor and outdoor navigation, access to travel information and communication with public transport.


The blind and visually impaired are the group that Ways4all is targeting. This group is faced with particular challenges when traveling on public transport. If this group manages to overcome the numerous hurdles by using this end-to-end solution, other target groups such as tourists and other customers of public transport will have a new and practical aid for planning and making journeys.


Working in cooperation with Dimoco subsidiaries TAF mobile GmbH, the IT specialists for public transport in Germany, a user interface combined with audio output specially designed for people with visual impairment, has been created for the popular easy.GO mobile phone and ticket application.


An international jury State has now the research project “ways4me”, nominated by their project partners for the Austrian Mobility 2015.


The Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria, Alois Stoeger will give Vienna the State Prize for mobility in 2015 on June 22, 2015.


For more information: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/ministerium/staatspreis/mobilitaet2015/, http://www.ways4all.at and http://www.myeasygo.de

mobile ticketing takes off-part 2

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140826 Guest blogger Alexander Birnkammerer-01


After a couple of weeks of testing, the clever mobile user is ready to face new challenges. This time the “tastiest morsel” of the information apps is to be tried and tested: mobile ticketing’s supreme discipline, namely purchasing tickets for mass transport.


The day draws near, the problem is obvious: without a valid ticket, bus and rail are off limits. Thanks to information and ticket recommendation, the right fare is quickly found. That leaves just one hurdle to cross in most regions. Registration is required. Logical – the internet is still young, it’s impossible for everyone to have their own data.


Name and address are easy, bank details thanks to SEPA a bit trickier. Ticket inspectors still want to be shown ID; credit card or similar; these are also easily entered. Create a password and presto! All done.

After that everything happens very fast. Select ticket, confirm the purchase using your password , and moments later a genuine electronic ticket complete with bar code and validity information lands on your device.


The procedure is a trifle more elegant in regions offering registration-free ticketing. Here the customer simply selects the ticket on the app, and the system automatically identifies the carrier and customer’s number via mobile operator billing, and bills the amount to the cell phone invoice.

In place of an ID card, the device information and MSISDN act as the control medium.


This is already possible with the easy.GO app, which is available in the German transportation network MDV and the Rhein Sieg (VRS) linked transport system.

The registration-free option provided by easy.GO is extremely popular with mass transportation customers. Of course – not everyone is prepared to disclose sensitive personal data just to purchase a bus ticket! The transportation company is rewarded with an explosion in the numbers of passengers. Over 80% of regular customers use the service for approx. 3.5 million route enquiries. Annual organic growth in ticket sales is between 30-50% and surges when supported by marketing campaigns. Extremely satisfying from the business point of view, too, as the increase is sustained.



140917 TAF Mobile-01

Mobile ticketing takes off-Part 1

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140826 Guest blogger Alexander Birnkammerer-01

If you have ever tried to purchase a ticket from a machine in a strange city or even in your own home town, you will know how humiliating the experience can be: The groaning and grumbling from the people waiting in line behind you, as the train rolls into the station and you have pressed “re-start” for the third time because the machine’s logic was apparently not designed for human beings. Despite having entered the travel details, the machine suggests tickets that do not appear to be correct or do not correspond with all the research you did prior to embarking on the trip. Train entering the station, people breathing down your neck, and a timetable that won’t permit any further delay… from the “novice’s” comfort point of view, surely a major reason never to attempt using public transport again.

Using mobile information systems is different. In secret, on your smartphone, you can try as many times as you want and start new searches until you have found the right connection. Not only that, independently of your starting point; you can find the right connection walking to work or sipping coffee in a shop, and you can chuckle at mistakes or misunderstandings without anyone knowing, and leave others to subject themselves to ridicule at the ticket machine. A welcome

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Using mobile information systems is different. In secret, on your smartphone, you

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can try as many times as you want and start new searches until you have found the right connection. Not only that, regardless of where you are you can find the right connection, already on the way or over coffee, and you can chuckle at mistakes or misunderstandings without anyone knowing, and leave others to subject themselves to ridicule at the ticket machine. A welcome alternative!

The wonderful world of mobile ticketing, its exact definition, its advantages, its development and so on will be the topic of our new, bi-weekly guest blog series “Mobile Ticketing Takes Off” hosted by Alexander Birnkammerer/VP TAF mobile GmbH!


DIMOCO and Juniper Research demonstrate digital generation trends

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140320 Mr D post-01

The European mobile payment provider DIMOCO and the market research company Juniper Research present “Mr. D.” Mr. D. stands for “Mister Digital” and is a symbol for the developments in the digital generation. “With Mr. D. as an example, digital content trends become visible. On the one hand we would like to get a better insight into the developments in this area, and on the other hand, we would like to show companies their business potential and success with mobile operator payment,” Tauchner explains the project objective.


140318 Mr D poster-05

You can download the poster here


easy.GO 4.0 the state-of-the-art-APP for public transport users!

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easy.GO is an app for passengers of buses, trains and trams offering cialis coupons cvs timetables, junction information and tickets directly to the smartphone.
The innovative and sustainable mobile tool offers the best public transport connection to a desired destination and informs about latest news about regional traffic situations to make sure that passengers arrive comfortably.


Beneficial: The suitable ticket can be bought directly through the app – without any previous registration, without any foreknowledge of fares and zones and without any need of entering personal banking cialis extended release data. easy.GO-tickets will be invoiced simply and securely via Mobile Operator Payment in cooperation with DIMOCO.

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The app is developed by TAF free viagra pills mobile GmbH and is available in the App Store and in Google Play or as Web-App (http://app.myeasygo.de) and is already supporting passengers of the “Mitteldeutschen Verkehrsverbund (MDV)” in the region Halle/Leipzig as well as passengers of the SWB bus and train in the city difference between cialis and viagra Bonn.

Since beginning of October the application shines in a revised edition with a new Look and Feel and some new features.


DIMOCO withdraws from Mobile Marketing

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Roland Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO

The German digital agency conVISUAL AG takes over the Austrian mobile marketing agency’s operative business Lucy Marx http://www.lucymarx.at. The former owner, DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu, is withdrawing from the mobile marketing sector to concentrate on the mobile payment and messaging sectors and on its affiliate, TAF mobile GmbH, to further develop easy.GO, an app for local public transport.
DIMOCO had already set sail for mobile payment and messaging with the founding of Lucy Marx GmbH and the concomitant splitting off of its mobile marketing business division. With the current withdrawal, this course has now been confirmed. “From now on, DIMOCO will concentrate exclusively on providing businesses with the means of billing their digital content via the mobile network operators and with processing their SMS transactions”, says Roland Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO. Mobile messaging can be offered worldwide while mobile payment is currently available throughout Europe. The infrastructure will be continuously expanded to reach more and more countries. Furthermore, the company group will concentrate on developing easy.GO further through its affiliate, TAF mobile GmbH, of which DIMOCO holds a majority share. This mobile application brings local public transport timetables, junction information as well as tickets directly to the smartphone.