DIMOCO @ Affiliate World Asia

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161129affiliate-world-asia-ii-01Great memories from 2015!
DIMOCO is again attending the Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, Thailand on the 5th & 6th of December 2016. Let’s meet! Contact us now to schedule your personal appointment. Want to know more about the conference?, please visit: affiliateworldconferences.com

DIMOCO trend update: Why is the fintech market growing so fast?

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DIMOCO Carrier Billing Trend Update

The velocity of growth in the fintech market is breathtaking. In 2015, global fintech investments reached $22.3 billion. That’s an astounding 75 percent jump from $12.7 billion in 2014, according to an Accenture study. Even more amazing, this commitment to financial technology doesn’t appear to be slowing in 2016. In this year’s first quarter, outlays in this sector reached $5.3 billion, which is a 67 percent improvement over the same period in 2015.



How has this sector gotten so hot?



1. The technology market boom: Broadly speaking, technology has been developing in directions that have paved the way for an expansion in financial technology. Breakthroughs with smartphones, phablets, wearables, applications, web platforms, cloud services and the internet of things along with more bandwidth and powerful mobile networks have opened the door for a host of fintech possibilities.



2. People want technological upgrades: Everyday, we’re exposed to new bits of tech that make our lives easier. There’s smart health, smart TV and even smart cities, to name a few. So why not smart financial services? It’s already happening in the way people use mobile banking to do their wire transfers and carrier billing to purchase their web content and services. But, consumers desire more.



3. New biz chances: As much as banking institutions are large administrative beasts burdened with so many day-to-day issues, they recognize that they must also think about tomorrow. They see all the technological advancements around them and recognize a business opportunity. Tech is the future, and they don’t want to be left behind.



4. Case study: Carrier billing is one of the best examples of fintech success. The ability to pay through a mobile network operator started more than 10 years ago. It was such a fintech innovation that it got many content providers into the digital market and, as a result, they saw their businesses grow. The trajectory carrier billing represents serves as an inspiration for fintech growth elsewhere. It’s a role model for new businesses looking to come up and find their place in the market.



What do you think of fintech? Why do you believe it’s growing so fast? We’d love to get your thoughts via Twitter, using #DIMOCO. You can also email us at hello@dimoco.eu

DIMOCO guest blog post #4 of 4: Carrier billing in the phase of accelerating expansion

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John BaRoss Fincclude

The success-knowledge of carrier billing is currently going through a phase of accelerating expansion thanks to more permissive CB regulations globally, to evolving CB tax policy (i.e.: the recent debut of Google Play in India that found a way around a tax barrier), to visionary pioneering leadership at carriers, carrier-partner/suppliers, merchants and others in the ecosystems of CB.



Leaders from carrier corporate cultures that encourage and reward innovators (based on theory-of-opportunity) help leadership at next-wave/follower carriers where the task of building leadership alignment backing has a vastly greater probability of success when proof-of-concept evidence is demonstrable. However, as leaders of initiatives know issues with go-to-market planning and execution, through scaling can be countless.  A traditional model for helping an industry to advance is via the assistance of industry associations which can help assist with at least common problems (awareness driving, advocacy, etc.).



CB, along with Carrier operated mobile money, are two multi-billion dollar sectors of a rapidly emerging space increasingly being recognized as ‘Carrier Commerce’.  Further, these two established sectors (along with now approximately 3 dozen emerging Carrier Commerce sectors) are a quiet giant in helping advance global financial inclusion.



Happy to get your thoughts via twitter #DIMOCO or email to hello@dimoco.eu More about FINCCLUDE: www.fincclude.org

DIMOCO on tour: Affiliate World Europe

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  DIMOCO @ the Affiliate World EuropeMeet DIMOCO Carrier Billing at the Affiliate World Europe in Berlin from the 18

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to the 19 July! Contact us now!

DIMOCO Announces Acquisition of Onebip

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DIMOCO today announced that it is acquiring Onebip SpA, a mobile payment company specialized in direct carrier billing services, to enhance its services and European market position. The purchase of Onebip SpA from its former shareholder Neomobile SpA, further increases DIMOCO’s market share in the European carrier billing market.

DIMOCO company acquisition onebip

From left to right: Claudio Rossi / Neomobile CEO; Gianluca D’Agostino / exiting CEO of Onebip; Heinz Brasic, DIMOCO Europe President & COO


“The combination of Onebip’s position in the Italian market with our broader European coverage will provide our clients with access to one of Europe’s largest mobile payment markets and will make inroads into major Latin American markets, such as Brazil and Mexico,” said Gerald Tauchner, president and CEO of DIMOCO. “The acquisition is also expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly enhanced technical abilities.”

“I strongly believe that Onebip technology and its solution suite will have a significant impact on the DIMOCO brand,” said Gianluca D’Agostino, exiting CEO of Onebip SpA. “I see material synergies in this deal and the outcome will prove to be valuable for both merchants and mobile network operators.”

The acquisition of Onebip was accomplished through the close liaison between Neomobile and DIMOCO. The two companies will continue their partnership to strengthen their position both in Europe and Latin America. Neomobile, the leading mobile commerce company and former shareholder of Onebip SPA, will focus more on digital entertainment, its main business, and leaving behind the mobile payment segment.

“This deal strengthens our partnership with DIMOCO and provides us the opportunity to focus more on our path of innovation, increasing our investments in new products in mobile entertainment and programmatic advertising, while speeding up our entry into new markets in Middle East and Asia.” said Claudio Rossi, CEO of Neomobile.

Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, DIMOCO has agreed to use Onebip’s existing payment hub and engineering staff to provide high-quality services to international merchants. Onebip’s clients will continue to receive the same quality of service they have come to expect. Onebip is now a wholly owned subsidiary of DIMOCO Europe and employs 15 people in the city of Milan. It will be renamed to DIMOCO Italy SpA, which will continue to use Onebip as a product brand. The post-merger integration is in process and will take place over the next few weeks.