DIMOCO withdraws from Mobile Marketing

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Roland Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO

The German digital agency conVISUAL AG takes over the Austrian mobile marketing agency’s operative business Lucy Marx http://www.lucymarx.at. The former owner, DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu, is withdrawing from the mobile marketing sector to concentrate on the mobile payment and messaging sectors and on its affiliate, TAF mobile GmbH, to further develop easy.GO, an app for local public transport.
DIMOCO had already set sail for mobile payment and messaging with the founding of Lucy Marx GmbH and the concomitant splitting off of its mobile marketing business division. With the current withdrawal, this course has now been confirmed. “From now on, DIMOCO will concentrate exclusively on providing businesses with the means of billing their digital content via the mobile network operators and with processing their SMS transactions”, says Roland Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO. Mobile messaging can be offered worldwide while mobile payment is currently available throughout Europe. The infrastructure will be continuously expanded to reach more and more countries. Furthermore, the company group will concentrate on developing easy.GO further through its affiliate, TAF mobile GmbH, of which DIMOCO holds a majority share. This mobile application brings local public transport timetables, junction information as well as tickets directly to the smartphone.