DIMOCO presenting a brand new publication at the Mobile World Congress 2016

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Cover-01 “The genericcialis-onlineed.com future of carrier billing in Europe” buy generic viagra shows trends on the digital content and cialis 20mg paypal the carrier billing market. canadian pharmacy yasmin European digital content revenue will increase to 55.2 billion viagra online indian pharmacy EUR in 2020; the value of digital content billed via carrier billing will rise to 14 billion EUR in 2020. Carrier billing offers content stakeholders conversion rates up does viagra give you an instant hard on to 88 percent, says Juniper Research. “We are creating tomorrow’s carrier billing future. It’s even more interesting to analyze the market once a year with the leading tech market research partner Juniper Research,” says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO President & CEO. tablete za potenciju cialis   Dowload your free copy White Paper 3.0 now!

DIMOCO Market Special: Carrier Billing Spain

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140708 DIMOCO Market Special-02 After Germany, France and Italy – the carrier billing provider is now focusing on its fourth market. With a smartphone penetration rate of 54.5% and a mobile penetration rate of 110.4% (vs. 54.4% credit card penetration rate), Spain is one of the most genoa pharmacy highly developed mobile markets in Europe. 49 million Spanish mobile subscribers are spread amongst Telefónica (brand: Movistar with 35.8% market share), Vodafone (30.2% market share) as well as Orange (market coupons for free cialis share of 25.7%) and Yoigo (market share of 8.2%). (Juniper Research)  

With carrier billing, DIMOCO allows everyone with freeviagrasample-norx a cell phone to buy products online, as well as for online merchants to bill their goods & services, how long for viagra to start working hence this billing option in Spain is also the digital payment method with the highest reach. According to Juniper Research, DIMOCO Carrier Billing generates a conversion rate 7 times higher on first time transactions and 21 times higher on multiple transactions. DIMOCO Carrier Billing on the Spanish market is available for mobile as well as classic web, allowing for billing of one-time purchases up cialis vs viagra to 30 euros and subscription orders up to 6 asian lady in viagra commercial euros/week (depending on the network operator).

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Mobile is the go-to channel for online dating

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151005 DIMOCO Industry Special-01


DIMOCO and Global Dating Insights (GDI) publish carrier billing report for the online dating industry. Online dating mobile applications and web services are booming, and willingness to pay for true love is increasing. According to Juniper Research, 486 million euros will be generated in Europe in 2019.



Searching online for true love has never been so popular. Mobile applications and web platforms are already a must-have in the dating industry. Likewise, the willingness to pay for dating services is continually growing,” explains Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO President and CEO. Thus, Juniper Research estimates a revenue of 486 million euros on the European online dating market in 2019. “A development which brings the question of finding the choice payment method to the forefront,” says Tauchner.



This also confirms DIMOCO’s and GDI’s carrier billing industry special, in which online dating service providers were asked about the future of billing for their services and their current payment strategy. Alongside dating services themselves, the industry’s billing services are also changing. This is why online dating service providers are looking for seamless and easy billing methods, e.g. carrier billing. According to Juniper Research, the number 1 digital payment method in reach scores with an enormous potential for new customers and a high conversion rate.


151006_graph Online_dating_2-01-01


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No. 1 payment method in reach!

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Monetize new customers with the #1 digital payment method in reach. Carrier billing enables everyone with a mobile phone to buy your goods & services – perfectly adjusted for mobile, tablet, laptop, PC & TV use.


It provably increases your conversion rates up to 60% compared to credit card payment, and you profit from an enormous sales boost. (Juniper Research & DIMOCO White Paper).
One click on the smartphone & the payment is completed. Your customers are automatically & securely identified via the mobile network.

The Multiscreen Opportunity

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150415 CB-02
As we observed in our previous White Paper edition, the rise in seamless connectivity and of billing opportunities across multiple devices, means that consumers are now in a position to purchase content on one device (eg the smartphone) and then access that content on a host of other connected devices: tablet, laptop, PC, TV.
With content increasingly stored in the cloud, that content can be synched across (and pushed to)
multiple devices. Indeed, in the case of some content (such as an eBook or some video content) consumers can now begin reading/watching on one device and pick up where they left off on another.


Mobile payments providers are increasingly deploying platforms which facilitate operator billed payments from content purchased on alternative devices!


Interested in more details?

Download DIMOCO´s and Juniper´s White Paper!

DIMOCO Germany Carrier Billing Special

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150427 Germany Poster_preview-09
With 112.6 million mobile subscribers, Carrier Billing is the number one digital content payment method with the widest potential reach in Germany. While mobile handset penetration is 139.2 percent, with many people having two mobile devices, only 35 percent of the population owns a credit card.


Furthermore, the DIMOCO Carrier Billing market special reveals that smartphone penetration is already 50.1 percent in Germany.

“Digital content is being increasingly consumed on mobile devices, as the number of smartphones in Germany has gone up by 20% in just the last 2 years”, says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO Co-Founder and CEO, comparing figures from DIMOCOs’ Germany Carrier Billing market specials 2014 and 2015. The German mobile network market is operated by Telekom Germany (35% market share), Vodafone (28% market share) and Telefónica Germany (37% market share including the brands O2 and e-plus).


Integrating Carrier Billing into the checkout process lets digital content providers as well as consumers benefit from a number of aspects. While consumers prefer Carrier Billing if the payment method is available, and are more likely to purchase digital content due to its simplicity, convenience and security, companies profit from higher conversion rates and a billing method available on multiple screens: Conversion rates up to 70 percent for first time transactions (credit card billing: only 10 %) and up to 80-88% at repeat digital content purchases (credit card billing: only 20 %) were measured in Europe. On the German market, available via DIMOCO, services, transitional goods and digital content on all digital channels can be monetized as one-off or subscription service transactions within a price range of 0.19 and 30 EUR, depending on the mobile network operator. The entire digital content market in Europe is expected to be worth 37 billion EUR in 2018, approximately 7.2 billion EUR of that amount will be billed via Carrier Billing in Europe. (DIMOCO & Juniper Research Carrier Billing White Paper, 2015)


You can download the DIMOCO Carrier Billing Special Germany Poster here!

Direct Carrier Billing in Finland via DIMOCO available

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150402 CB in Finland-01


From now on, digital content can be billed via DIMOCO Direct Carrier Billing on the Finnish market.
While users benefit from a simple, quick and secure check-out process to pay for their content via their mobile network operators’ invoices, merchants profit from an additional sales channel with higher conversion rates*.


“Finland is a highly-developed mobile market, perfect for carrier billing as a payment option in digital content stores”, says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO co-founder and CEO, adding: “Having direct carrier billing now available in Finland will give our customers a tremendous sales boost”.


As confirmed in the current Juniper Research white paper, carrier billing is the user-preferred payment option for billing digital content: 75% of European users prefer carrier billing if the payment option is available in digital content stores.



Finland: A highly developed mobile market

With 6.34 million smartphones, accounting for 84.1 percent of all available handsets, Finland is one of the most highly developed telecommunications markets in Europe. “Smartphones are an interesting market indicator – making easy-one-click ordering of digital content possible. If direct carrier billing is then offered as a payment option, the digital content storefront will be even more successful”, comments Tauchner. DIMOCO carrier billing is available from now on to bill digital content in a price range of 10 cents up to 60 euros and can be implemented by merchants trading in the Finnish market. Users conveniently order their digital content on their smartphones and confirm their payment with one simple click.


European Carrier Billing Market*

  • Carrier billing implementation sees higher conversion rates & transaction values: First-time conversion rates with carrier billing 70%, compared to 10-12% with credit cards. The uplift is particularly pronounced for micro-payments (under 10 euros). For repeat purchases, the conversion rate with carrier billing is 80-88%, as opposed to 20-25% credit card billing.
  • Value of digital content billed via carrier billing: From approx. EUR 1.8 billion in 2014, the value of digital content billed via carrier billing will rise to nearly EUR 9.8 billion in 2019, an average annual growth of 41% over the forecasted period.
  • The digital content market in Europe: The European digital content market is expected to increase from an estimated EUR 23 billion in 2014 to 35.7 billion in 2019. Games and videos will remain the most popular carrier billing content categories, generating combined sales of more than EUR 5.3 billion annually by 2019.


*Source: DIMOCO & Juniper Research White Paper 2015, Download here

DIMOCO´s and Juniper´s White Paper: The European digital content market today and tomorrow

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150218 White paper_no MWC logo-01


The Carrier Billing Opportunity


One of the beauties of the operator’s billing relationships with end users is its sheer scale: there are more than

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1.05 billion handsets in use across Europe; all but 2 markets (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey) have a penetration rate in excess of 100%.


Western European markets are also characterised by high smartphone adoption: across Western European markets as a whole, smartphones accounted for 59% of all handsets by the end of 2014, a proportion which is expected to increase to 83% by 2019.


Read more and download DIMOCO´s White Paper here!