DIMOCO at the MWC 2017

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DIMOCO is looking forward to welcoming you at the world’s largest and most important annual event in the mobile industry – the Mobile World Congress 2017!

Visit us at Hall 8.1 App Planet, #8.1A67

Book an appointment: sales@dimoco.eu

DIMOCO at the MWC 2017

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DIMOCO is looking forward to welcoming you at the world’s largest and most important annual event in the mobile industry – the Mobile World Congress 2017!

Visit us at Hall 8.1 App Planet, #8.1A67

Book an appointment: sales@dimoco.eu

DIMOCO trend update: DIMOCO Publishes Carrier Billing Market Report for Hungary

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Market Special_Hungary

DIMOCO released its latest report highlighting the key market trends and data for the Hungarian carrier billing market. With 10.79 million handsets and a smartphone penetration rate of 41.8 percent, Hungary offers significant carrier billing market potential to enhance customer monetization, increase conversion rates and enable payments on multiple screens.


Another recent report further illustrates the promise of the Hungarian market. According to the Price Waterhouse Coopers study “Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020”, the Hungarian digital content space will continue to grow in four key segments: publishing, gaming, home video and music. The strongest growth is expected in the home video

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market citing a revenue increase of 2.8 percent from 10.8 million Euros in 2015 to and estimated 30.7 million Euros in 2020. As an already mature market, gaming will grow less in comparison to the other segments, but will achieve a revenue of 47.9 million Euros in 2020. Publishing and digital music are expecting similar growth rates of 1.8 percent between 2015 and 2020. While the publishing area, which includes eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, will increase its digital sales from 19.9 million Euros in 2015 to 36.1 million Euros in 2020. Music is the smallest digital content segment, generating 8.1 million Euros by 2020.


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DIMOCO trend update: Multiple screens will drive digital content revenue in coming years

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Digital content revenues

Digital content revenues will increase from just less than USD 140 billion worldwide in 2015 to USD 180 billion in 2017, according to Juniper Research’s new white paper “Making Digital Content Pay”. As a leading payment institute for carrier billing, DIMOCO not only sees the same industry trend but also knows why it’s happening. The reason: A growing migration from physical to digital as well as a strong tendency from consumers to buy and use digital content on multiple screens.


Anticipating these industry changes, DIMOCO maneuvered nimbly, making the move to provide carrier billing on multiple screens. Juniper Research’s reinforces the foresight of this choice.


“As content migrates to digital,” the study explains, “there is an attendant trend away from content ownership and towards content access: it is perceived as far more critical to be able to say ‘listen to a song on multiple devices than to own it’. It also means that, increasingly, the device on which you pay for the content may not be the device on which you primarily access that content.”


Looking at the various digital content segments Juniper Research estimates games will continue to represent the largest share of digital content sales. Most notable in the report is the fact that video will have the strongest average annual growth level in the short and medium term. This will be another development in the shift from the linear viewing experience to a personalized, on-demand schedule. The second largest growth rates are anticipated in the ePublishing space.


The white paper is available to download from the Juniper website along with further details of the full research and the attendant Interactive Forecast Excel. To see what DIMOCO and Juniper Research estimate for “The Future of Carrier Billing in Europe”, including the entire digital content market potential with a payment method achieving up to 77 percent of conversion rates at first time transactions, download the Juniper Research & DIMOCO white paper.


Happy to hear your thoughts & questions about the future of digital content

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and payment via Twitter https://twitter.com/Dimoco #DIMOCO or email us at hello@dimoco.eu

DIMOCO trend update: fintech the revolution, carrier billing the big game changer

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Carrier billing the big game changer

From our perspective carrier billing is the big game changer in the digital payment area – also confirmed within our latest Juniper Research publications. We are happy to present you DIMOCO’s brand new fintech overview. DIMOCO, defining the fintech future.

DIMOCO trend update: A2P messaging revenue will increase to reach $60 billion dollars

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160606 Trend Update_A2P messaging market-14

The A2P messaging market is set to boom in the upcoming years. Juniper Research predicts that worldwide A2P messaging revenue will increase by $5 billion over the 5 years to 2018 to reach $60 billion dollars. But, what does it really take to tap into this growth? And, what are the best practices to effectively communicate to billions of global consumers directly from your enterprise application?

DIMOCO prepared a checklist of “must-haves” for using A2P messaging as a key communication tool:


High-quality routing direct to Network Mobile Operators: Direct to the operator means a more reliable and robust service, getting your message out to your customers in a far more timely manner.


Replay path for consumers: Long number and shortcode services makes your relationship with your customer interactive, creating a two-way conversation.


Suppliers with local knowledge:  knowing the local SMS market provides a significant advantage when optimising communication with your customers.


Easy-to-use technology: standardised APIs and Intuitive supporting tools, means you can concentrate on the message to your customers, content that the message will get to them.


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DIMOCO trend update: more 1-click payment revenue in countries with higher smartphone penetration rate

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Top smartphone countries

One of the incubators of carrier billing is the smartphone penetration rate. So, the higher the smartphone volume, the greater the potential to generate revenues from 1-click payment using the mobile channel. BUT: The beauty of carrier billing is that billing digital content can be also done on feature phones. Find out more about the carrier billing market potential and download your free copy of the DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe 3.0”: http://www.dimoco.eu/publications.html

DIMOCO trend update: What are the main drivers for the A2P messaging growth?

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A2P SMS drivers

The A2P SMS market value worldwide is expected to grow from USD 55 billion in 2015 to USD 60 billion in 2020 says Juniper Research. DIMOCOs’ new A2P messaging trend overview shows the main drivers of the A2P SMS market growth. To download a free copy of the “mobile messaging worldwide” poster please go to the: publications area on the DIMOCO website

DIMOCO trend update: Carrier billing white paper shows up to 88% conversion rate

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Conversion Rate Carrier vs Credit Card Billing

According to DIMOCOs’ brand new white paper first-time transaction rates for operator billing of 70-77% (vs. 10-12% on credit cards) and for repeat purchases of 80-88% conversion rate (vs. 20-25% on credit cards) have been measured. DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe” was released in its third edition now and can be downloaded for free: Go to DIMOCO publications