DIMOCO guest blog post #4 of 4: Carrier billing in the phase of accelerating expansion

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John BaRoss Fincclude

The success-knowledge of carrier billing is currently going through a phase of accelerating expansion thanks to more permissive CB regulations globally, to evolving CB tax policy (i.e.: the recent debut of Google Play in India that found a way around a tax barrier), to visionary pioneering leadership at carriers, carrier-partner/suppliers, merchants and others in the ecosystems of CB.



Leaders from carrier corporate cultures that encourage and reward innovators (based on theory-of-opportunity) help leadership at next-wave/follower carriers where the task of building leadership alignment backing has a vastly greater probability of success when proof-of-concept evidence is demonstrable. However, as leaders of initiatives know issues with go-to-market planning and execution, through scaling can be countless.  A traditional model for helping an industry to advance is via the assistance of industry associations which can help assist with at least common problems (awareness driving, advocacy, etc.).



CB, along with Carrier operated mobile money, are two multi-billion dollar sectors of a rapidly emerging space increasingly being recognized as ‘Carrier Commerce’.  Further, these two established sectors (along with now approximately 3 dozen emerging Carrier Commerce sectors) are a quiet giant in helping advance global financial inclusion.



Happy to get your thoughts via twitter #DIMOCO or email to hello@dimoco.eu More about FINCCLUDE: www.fincclude.org

Mobile ticketing takes off-Part 1

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140826 Guest blogger Alexander Birnkammerer-01

If you have ever tried to purchase a ticket from a machine in a strange city or even in your own home town, you will know how humiliating the experience can be: The groaning and grumbling from the people waiting in line behind you, as the train rolls into the station and you have pressed “re-start” for the third time because the machine’s logic was apparently not designed for human beings. Despite having entered the travel details, the machine suggests tickets that do not appear to be correct or do not correspond with all the research you did prior to embarking on the trip. Train entering the station, people breathing down your neck, and a timetable that won’t permit any further delay… from the “novice’s” comfort point of view, surely a major reason never to attempt using public transport again.

Using mobile information systems is different. In secret, on your smartphone, you can try as many times as you want and start new searches until you have found the right connection. Not only that, independently of your starting point; you can find the right connection walking to work or sipping coffee in a shop, and you can chuckle at mistakes or misunderstandings without anyone knowing, and leave others to subject themselves to ridicule at the ticket machine. A welcome

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Using mobile information systems is different. In secret, on your smartphone, you

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can try as many times as you want and start new searches until you have found the right connection. Not only that, regardless of where you are you can find the right connection, already on the way or over coffee, and you can chuckle at mistakes or misunderstandings without anyone knowing, and leave others to subject themselves to ridicule at the ticket machine. A welcome alternative!

The wonderful world of mobile ticketing, its exact definition, its advantages, its development and so on will be the topic of our new, bi-weekly guest blog series “Mobile Ticketing Takes Off” hosted by Alexander Birnkammerer/VP TAF mobile GmbH!


Shifting Mobile Payments Away From Credit Cards And Into Carrier Billing Is The Future

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140528 guest blogger Ilan Oosting   For many of us, the prime way to purchase goods or digital content from our mobile devices has always been through our credit cards. However, mobile payments will begin to shift into a new direction, a direction where carrier billing is the primary method for funding purchases made through mobile. And that shift isn’t due to marketing hype, or from carrier efforts alone; it’s brought about by necessity.   The truth is, a large portion of the world is unbanked. When I say unbanked, I mean people who do not have access to, or use financial services from banks. In short, they do not have credit cards. While we may have grown accustomed to banking and transacting through credit cards as a norm in the Western World, for developing nations in Asia, the same is not true. While many of them do not have bank accounts or use credit cards, most of them do have a mobile device. Asia makes up for a sizeable chunk in the world’s population pie. China for example is one of the largest untapped markets in the world. It’s a virtual honeypot of potential customers. It also happens to have the most number of mobile phones in use in the world with 1.24 billion devices in consumer hands. The USA is dwarfed in comparison with just over 330 million phones. This year alone, an estimated 443 million mobile phones is expected to be sold in China. It’s a growing market ripe for mobile commerce and payments to take root and thrive. And the numbers are showing it. 2013 saw mobile payments grow a staggering 800% in China over 2012, totaling around $212 billion in 2013. That growth is fuelled by large consumer adoption. To compare once again to the USA, 55% of China’s internet users have used mobile payments compared to just 19% in the USA and 69% made purchases through their mobile device compared to 46% in the USA. And that’s just for China.   When it comes to mobile payments, Asia will be the major player in driving adoption and

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growth, and carrier billing will play a major role. With a large number of unbanked and a huge number of eager mobile customers, carrier billing will be one of the best ways to let mobile users transact using their mobile devices. Because they already have a mobile device and they are already paying for service on that mobile device, customers will already be familiar with and comfortable with transacting through their carriers. Elsewhere in the world, mobile payment funding through carrier billing is also taking hold. In many countries you can now pay for apps and make in-app purchases billed to your carrier’s bill for example. App stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play are all embracing carrier billing as a way for customers to pay for their digital media. Mobile payments taking root in Asia will be a major milestone in global adoption and usage. Because Asia already has an active mobile payments and commerce landscape, new products can be tested accelerating innovation in the process. Carrier billing will be a major cornerstone for mobile payments in the region, and the world will likely follow suite.     Ilan Oosting is a veteran of the telecommunications industry having spent a decade in one of Australia’s leading Telcos before starting JMango. Quickly understanding the potential of the technology created by Duc Ngo, Ilan gathered a small group of angel investors in early 2008 and set about transforming the concept into a sustainable global business. As CEO of JMango360, Ilan is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for the company and securing alliances and partnerships with telecom operators, distribution partners and content providers around the world. Ilan’s drive

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and passion is second to none. He is impulsive, enthusiastic, dedicated, extroverted and loyal. He is equally as passionate about pushing mobile technology to the forefront of everyone’s daily lives by making JMango360 the first true mobile app builder that makes mobile simple for everyone.