Financial Market Regulator grants EU Payment License to DIMOCO

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The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) granted a payment service license to DIMOCO to operate a regulated payment institute on Jan. 19, 2016. The approval of the license marks the start of a new dimension for DIMOCO’s EU-wide digital payment business. When it comes to entities that are intimately trusted by mobile network operators, receiving this payment license may well be the most important evidence of professional governance.



President and CEO, Gerald Tauchner, said in a first statement last week that being granted the payment license is a breakthrough, meaning the institute is deemed fit as a FinTech for direct carrier billing of micropayment transactions across Europe.
Compliance with the requirements of the Payment Services Directive (PSD) and respective national regulations builds the most appropriate step forward on sustainable expansions for mobile operator payments in the digital sector. DIMOCO has now made a formal passport notification which enables the payment institute to operate its payment business in all EU and EEA member countries.

Congrats to GDI for having such a great conference yesterday!

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151015 GDI Innovation in OD

DIMOCO spent an interesting day at the first Innovation in Online Dating Conference.
Brilliant speakers, inspiring discussions and all of that at a great location in London.
We are looking forward to visit next years’ GDI conference and are happy to support the online dating industry with our carrier billing expertise.

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Mobile is the go-to channel for online dating

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DIMOCO and Global Dating Insights (GDI) publish carrier billing report for the online dating industry. Online dating mobile applications and web services are booming, and willingness to pay for true love is increasing. According to Juniper Research, 486 million euros will be generated in Europe in 2019.



Searching online for true love has never been so popular. Mobile applications and web platforms are already a must-have in the dating industry. Likewise, the willingness to pay for dating services is continually growing,” explains Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO President and CEO. Thus, Juniper Research estimates a revenue of 486 million euros on the European online dating market in 2019. “A development which brings the question of finding the choice payment method to the forefront,” says Tauchner.



This also confirms DIMOCO’s and GDI’s carrier billing industry special, in which online dating service providers were asked about the future of billing for their services and their current payment strategy. Alongside dating services themselves, the industry’s billing services are also changing. This is why online dating service providers are looking for seamless and easy billing methods, e.g. carrier billing. According to Juniper Research, the number 1 digital payment method in reach scores with an enormous potential for new customers and a high conversion rate.


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DIMOCO Market Special: Carrier Billing France

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With a whopping 71.6 million mobile subscribers, carrier billing is the #1 digital payment method — the broadest reach in France. Via DIMOCO carrier billing, goods & services can be billed as one-off & subscription service, within a price range of 5 cents to 30 euros at Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free/Alice. While ePublishing (2.2bn EUR revenue in 2018), eGames (2.3bn EUR revenue in 2018) and home videos (1.6bn EUR revenue in 2018) are expected to grow, the digital music segment will slightly decrease to 104m EUR revenue in France in 2018.


“As the leading carrier billing provider we gain deep market insights which we happily share in our outstanding publications,” says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO Co-Founder and CEO, adding: “France is a huge market which gives merchants a great chance to use carrier billing to boost their sales achievements.”




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No. 1 payment method in reach!

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Monetize new customers with the #1 digital payment method in reach. Carrier billing enables everyone with a mobile phone to buy your goods & services – perfectly adjusted for mobile, tablet, laptop, PC & TV use.


It provably increases your conversion rates up to 60% compared to credit card payment, and you profit from an enormous sales boost. (Juniper Research & DIMOCO White Paper).
One click on the smartphone & the payment is completed. Your customers are automatically & securely identified via the mobile network.