DIMOCO shows how the digital generation travels

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Mister digital goes on a holiday trip:

SMS and mobile operator payment are an ideal complement
With our second edition of Mister Digital we show how the digital generation travels. Mr. D. communicates, researches and organizes his holiday plus the accompanying info & entertainment program on his smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

While texting in the application-to-person sector can be used for information purposes when travelling, mobile operator payment makes quick and easy payment of digital content such as tickets, possible. The travel industry has long discovered the benefits of the mobile channel, thereby significantly increasing usage rates by smartphone and tablet users.


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You can download the poster here

DIMOCO and Juniper Research demonstrate digital generation trends

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The European mobile payment provider DIMOCO and the market research company Juniper Research present “Mr. D.” Mr. D. stands for “Mister Digital” and is a symbol for the developments in the digital generation. “With Mr. D. as an example, digital content trends become visible. On the one hand we would like to get a better insight into the developments in this area, and on the other hand, we would like to show companies their business potential and success with mobile operator payment,” Tauchner explains the project objective.


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You can download the poster here