DIMOCO renowned market leader and provider of Wholesale SMS services in CEE

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With a global SMS coverage and direct/ 1-hub connections in most Central and Eastern European countries, DIMOCO is a true messaging powerhouse in the CEE region.


We have a proven track record of handling large volume messaging projects and offer stable, high quality routing and competitive pricing.


Through our international expert team we maintain excellent operator relations and certainly play in the first league when it comes to quality, best prices and carrier acceptance.


Your SMS delivery has never been faster, easier or more reliable.


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DIMOCO – your CEE messaging gateway

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Whenever you think about high quality A2P SMS traffic in Central Eastern Europe, give a consideration to DIMOCO and ask for an offer.


Long-term DIRECT carrier connections are bringing us in the position playing in the first league in terms of quality, price & carrier acceptance.

1-way and 2-way is possible. DIMOCO – your CEE messaging gateway!


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