DIMOCO trend update: FINTECH: The Evolution

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Fintech: The Evolution

Barter trade, commodity or weight money… it was a long evolution and a big revolution to the introduction of currency as we know it today. With the digital age and the introduction of various screens, the entire payment industry was transformed once again. The digital landscape changed and so did the opportunities to purchase goods and services.


Digitalization led to the second revolution in the financial industry. The “over-all-screens” trend didn’t stop in front of the financial industry’s door. It was just overflowed by new payment possibilities.


And here we are: While digital payments like carrier billing available as a way of paying for goods and services online, banking institutions are now challenged to keep up with the influences of the new digital world.


Welcome to the FinTech era. Another star on the payments sky, the third revolution lets companies engage technology to optimize financial services. This is not new for carrier billing companies, like DIMOCO, it is just the fact that we now found our place within a broader landscape. Hello to all other FinTech companies out

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our world. We are leading the charge to finnovate the financial technology sector. Are you ready for the fourth revolution? ;-)