DIMOCO trend update: A2P messaging revenue will increase to reach $60 billion dollars

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The A2P messaging market is set to boom in the upcoming years. Juniper Research predicts that worldwide A2P messaging revenue will increase by $5 billion over the 5 years to 2018 to reach $60 billion dollars. But, what does it really take to tap into this growth? And, what are the best practices to effectively communicate to billions of global consumers directly from your enterprise application?

DIMOCO prepared a checklist of “must-haves” for using A2P messaging as a key communication tool:


High-quality routing direct to Network Mobile Operators: Direct to the operator means a more reliable and robust service, getting your message out to your customers in a far more timely manner.


Replay path for consumers: Long number and shortcode services makes your relationship with your customer interactive, creating a two-way conversation.


Suppliers with local knowledge:  knowing the local SMS market provides a significant advantage when optimising communication with your customers.


Easy-to-use technology: standardised APIs and Intuitive supporting tools, means you can concentrate on the message to your customers, content that the message will get to them.


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