DIMOCO and Juniper´s White Paper: Paying for digital content

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140508 DIMOCO Trend Update-01 At the present time, the overwhelming majority of digital content is billed via credit card. This is now almost as true on the mobile as on the desktop: the emergence of a content ecosystem centred around app storefronts rapidly eroded the pre-eminence of PSMS (Premium SMS) billing. However, this reliance on credit card billing in turn means that opportunities for content monetisation are being missed. In Figure 2, we have listed the proportion of adults in selected European markets who own credit or debit cards. We can see that, while in several major European markets (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK), the percentage with debit cards approaches or exceeds 90%, in others (Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine) less than half of adults are in a position to pay for digital content via

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a debit card. Credit card ownership is even lower: only in two European markets (Sweden and the UK) do more than half of adults own credit cards.   When these percentages are applied to the adult population, the limitations of credit/debit card billing are exposed: more than 283 million adults across Europe do not own a debit card. While the majority (66%) of individuals without debit cards live within Central & Eastern Europe – with four markets all having in excess of 20 million adults without such cards – this still means that more than 90 million Western European adults are unable to pay for digital content via cards, of whom more than one-third live in Italy.   If you are interested in more details you can download DIMOCO´s White Paper here