DIMOCO and Juniper´s White Paper: The Multiscreen Opportunity

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140508 DIMOCO Trend Update-01 Due to the ubiquity of Wi-Fi in the home – and increasingly in restaurants, retail outlets and on public transportation – together with the ongoing deployments of 4G LTE networks, connectivity is becoming seamless. These developments – occurring in tandem with the surge in adoption of consumer smartphones and tablets – mean that those consumers are now in a position to purchase content on one device (eg the smartphone) and then access that content on a host

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of other connected devices: tablet, laptop, PC, TV. With content increasingly stored in the cloud, that content can be synched across (and pushed to) multiple devices. Indeed, in the case of some content (such as an eBook, or some video content) consumers can now begin reading/watching on one device and pick up where they left off on another.   If you are interested in more details you can download DIMOCO´s White Paper here