A2P SMS trend update: Why is the A2P messaging market growing so fast?

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A2P SMS future predictions

1. Time-sensitive messages: SMS are sent out within seconds. This helps companies to quickly and directly inform their target groups, e.g. systems alerts via text message improve quality of other services.

2. Online businesses: The more web platforms exist, the more there is a need for 2-factor authentication. One-time passwords sent via SMS give companies an opportunity to let their customers verify their accounts, confirm their wire transfer transactions and many other use cases to improve security standards.

3. Service- and sales-driven communication: Delivery alerts, shipment notifications, appointment reminders, discounts – the SMS communication channel is used to improve service quality and to increase sales efforts. A2P SMS are directly integrated within companies’ CRM systems and sent out automatically according to the defined requirements. SMS messaging (text messaging) is the communication

channel for reaching target groups — it’s the most trusted and effective one.


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