Our approach for the upcoming Carrier Community event in Berlin

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The strategic plan we have for this important congress is absolutely clear. On one hand we’re attending the show for reaching all API messaging providers globally and thread new partner programs for our wholesale unit, reselling our well-established direct carrier connections in CEE.


On the other hand our team will socialize with mobile network operators for promoting our DIMOCO coverage development. Such a well-organized Carrier Community is a brilliant chance for exchanging with existing partners but also forge links with new strategic associates.


DIMOCOs long-term philosophy, working on an area-wide DIRECT carrier coverage, has turned out absolute trend-setting. Our A2P messaging product is an excellent mix of quality, price & carrier acceptance.

Rafal Nowak (Account Director Mobile Network Operators) and Anton Chmelar (Sales Unit Manager Wholesale will act in place of DIMOCO.


We look forward welcoming everyone at our own meeting table we’ve booked in the ‘SMS corner’.

DIMOCO renowned market leader and provider of Wholesale SMS services in CEE

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With a global SMS coverage and direct/ 1-hub connections in most Central and Eastern European countries, DIMOCO is a true messaging powerhouse in the CEE region.


We have a proven track record of handling large volume messaging projects and offer stable, high quality routing and competitive pricing.


Through our international expert team we maintain excellent operator relations and certainly play in the first league when it comes to quality, best prices and carrier acceptance.


Your SMS delivery has never been faster, easier or more reliable.


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DIMOCO acquires Mpulse France

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Following the recent establishment of DIMOCO Greece, DIMOCO is headed to the French market. Based on a share deal transaction, DIMOCO acquired 100 percent of the shareholding of Mpulse France E.U.R.L. The newly acquired company will be renamed DIMOCO France E.U.R.L. and will relocate its seat from Metz to Paris. “With all these great partnerships and our company in France, we are able to get customers connected to their services much faster,” Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO CO-Founder and CEO, explains the reasons for and advantages of the company acquisition.


“Goods and services can be easily purchased with mobile technology. DIMOCO offers the number 1 payment method in reach and conversion rate on this huge market,” says Charles Baudin, President of DIMOCO France, anticipating an increasing acceptance of DIMOCO carrier billing.


Barrier-free mobility for all

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ways4me is the final project in the ways4all series of projects and is implemented by several prestigious partners under the leadership of the “Energy, transport and environmental management” course at the JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences in Kapfenberg. People with disabilities will find it easier to travel thanks to this project. Its aim is to produce a barrier-free application for mobile devices by bringing together intuitive operation of indoor and outdoor navigation, access to travel information and communication with public transport.


The blind and visually impaired are the group that Ways4all is targeting. This group is faced with particular challenges when traveling on public transport. If this group manages to overcome the numerous hurdles by using this end-to-end solution, other target groups such as tourists and other customers of public transport will have a new and practical aid for planning and making journeys.


Working in cooperation with Dimoco subsidiaries TAF mobile GmbH, the IT specialists for public transport in Germany, a user interface combined with audio output specially designed for people with visual impairment, has been created for the popular easy.GO mobile phone and ticket application.


An international jury State has now the research project “ways4me”, nominated by their project partners for the Austrian Mobility 2015.


The Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria, Alois Stoeger will give Vienna the State Prize for mobility in 2015 on June 22, 2015.


For more information: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/ministerium/staatspreis/mobilitaet2015/, http://www.ways4all.at and http://www.myeasygo.de

The Multiscreen Opportunity

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As we observed in our previous White Paper edition, the rise in seamless connectivity and of billing opportunities across multiple devices, means that consumers are now in a position to purchase content on one device (eg the smartphone) and then access that content on a host of other connected devices: tablet, laptop, PC, TV.
With content increasingly stored in the cloud, that content can be synched across (and pushed to)
multiple devices. Indeed, in the case of some content (such as an eBook or some video content) consumers can now begin reading/watching on one device and pick up where they left off on another.


Mobile payments providers are increasingly deploying platforms which facilitate operator billed payments from content purchased on alternative devices!


Interested in more details?

Download DIMOCO´s and Juniper´s White Paper!

DIMOCO – your CEE messaging gateway

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Whenever you think about high quality A2P SMS traffic in Central Eastern Europe, give a consideration to DIMOCO and ask for an offer.


Long-term DIRECT carrier connections are bringing us in the position playing in the first league in terms of quality, price & carrier acceptance.

1-way and 2-way is possible. DIMOCO – your CEE messaging gateway!


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