DIMOCO now offers Direct Carrier Billing in Sweden via WyWallet

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WyWallet is the billing product developed by the recently founded joint-venture of the 4 biggest Swedish MNOs (Telia, Telenor, Tele2, TRE) named “4T Sverige”.

Besides the possibility to opt-in via all relevant channels (SMS, WEB, WAP) the biggest advantage is to perform one-time purchases in a flexible price range up to 500 SEK. It is possible that the end-user easily registers to WyWallet without any further interaction (everything is handled by WyWallet).

Business customers can easily manage the one-click-payment process and brand their payment page in their cooperate design. DIMOCO however also offers a whitelabel solution of payment pages for all customers who are using DIMOCO pay:smart. Of course, it is possible to offer one-off as well as subscription services through all opt-in channels.

DIMOCO offers new direct carrier billing product in Italy

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DIMOCO now offers a new direct carrier billing product for subscription services in Italy. Digital content providers who integrate DIMOCO mobile operator payment in their online store will benefit from direct authorization and therefore more flexibility in the check-out process. “The very easy one-click-payment process can be managed directly by business customers and therefore be branded in their corporate design in accordance with the regulative guidelines”, says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO. On the Italian market companies can offer digital content in a flexible price range up to 6.10 EUR.

DIMOCO partners with Slovenian network operator Si.mobil

Mobile Payment Slovenia

The European mobile operator payment provider DIMOCO co-operates with Slovenian network operator Si.mobil to launch a new payment product. Business customers who decide to integrate DIMOCO mobile operator payment now profit from more flexibility, a better user experience, a higher tariff range (up to 15 Euros) and additional opt-in channels when it comes to billing Si.mobil customers. The new DIMOCO payment product can be used for digital content orders on the classic and the mobile web.


“As a European mobile operator payment partner we closely co-operate with mobile network operators. Thanks to our great partnership with Si.mobil we are now launching our new payment product to bring more flexibility to business customers who want to bill their digital content services via Si.mobils’ network”, says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO.


DIMOCOs’ direct carrier billing product allows companies to bill their digital content very easily, with a lot more transparency and increased security standards. “No MT (mobile terminated) messages are necessary in the mobile web opt-in process. The charging logic is hosted by the business customers and refunds can easily be managed via API”, says Tauchner.

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DIMOCO bets on Easypay 3.0

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A short time ago, Swisscom implemented Easypay, a state-of-the-art-solution for the Swiss mobile operator market.


DIMOCO has been working with the new Easypay 3.0 product update very successfully for only a few months .
The customers are particularly enthusiastic about the fact that they can do the subscription administration on their own now,  while the more flexible price models and the design scopes of the redirectpage are a big advantage too.

Hence DIMOCO offers the biggest Swiss mobile operator, Swisscom, an extremely customer friendly direct carrier billing solution.