DIMOCO to enable m-payments for transparency in customer care

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Consumers say it’s time for equal access to call recordings


DIMOCO and ServeMeBest are bringing transparency to customer care by making it easy for an organisation to share call recordings with their callers. Today, it’s common for the top performing customer care operations – like Amazon’s – to share text chat sessions. Now, it’s possible to take the next step, and offer the caller the option to record and access their own copy of a call.


A survey by CINT shows strong demand for access to customer care call recordings from consumers in the USA and Europe. Frustrated by poor service levels, most consumers say they would like their service providers to offer the option to access recordings. When asked why, 85% said it would improve the quality of answers provided by the care representatives, while 91% said it would be useful to resolve conflicts or reduce misunderstandings.

Globally, 30% said they would be happy to pay up to €2 to access a call recording leading to ServeMeBest’s search for an international payment partner, and the announcement that DIMOCO has been selected as the preferred payment service for the ServeMeBest suite of services.


It’s not just a consumer rights issue.” says ServeMeBest founder Ali Al Khaja. “There are many benefits for organisations too. Transparency develops trust, thereby strengthening the customer relationship, reducing churn”. Increased service quality, reduced repeat calls and a reduction in dispute frequency are also cited by ServeMeBest as among the benefits of giving callers access to call recordings.

The technology integration will support the world’s first Customer Care Transparency Standard (CSTS), launched by ServeMeBest with AJA Europe in 2014.


It’s always interesting for us to apply our m-payment technology to new and unique services” says DIMOCO’s Markus Fischbacher. “We can make transparency in customer care very easy, and I believe that in the future consumers will come to expect this as a standard offer from their service providers”.

Mobile is the go-to channel for online dating

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DIMOCO and Global Dating Insights (GDI) publish carrier billing report for the online dating industry. Online dating mobile applications and web services are booming, and willingness to pay for true love is increasing. According to Juniper Research, 486 million euros will be generated in Europe in 2019.



Searching online for true love has never been so popular. Mobile applications and web platforms are already a must-have in the dating industry. Likewise, the willingness to pay for dating services is continually growing,” explains Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO President and CEO. Thus, Juniper Research estimates a revenue of 486 million euros on the European online dating market in 2019. “A development which brings the question of finding the choice payment method to the forefront,” says Tauchner.



This also confirms DIMOCO’s and GDI’s carrier billing industry special, in which online dating service providers were asked about the future of billing for their services and their current payment strategy. Alongside dating services themselves, the industry’s billing services are also changing. This is why online dating service providers are looking for seamless and easy billing methods, e.g. carrier billing. According to Juniper Research, the number 1 digital payment method in reach scores with an enormous potential for new customers and a high conversion rate.


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Welcoming refugees!

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Since we are a company that embraces multicultiralism 5 DIMOCO employees got a day off to help the Caritas organization “Wir helfen” at the Vienna Westbahnhof!
First we gave the clothes distribution team, many boxes and bags full of clothes , shoes, toys and old cellphones we have collected from our colleagues !
Caritas was so thankful!
Then we went to the goods donation and before we started to help them in the storage, we bought SIM cards, bananas, nuts, etc with the money we had for disposal!


There was a lot of positive energy, happy mood, familiarity and a great willingness to help!
People of different ages, nations and social backgrounds were one team to help people in need!
The Caritas co-ordinators are perfectly organized and relaxed even though they are in the middle of a refugee crisis!



It was nice to be able to help Caritas and we say thank you for so much humanity, dedication, positive atmosphere, cordial coexistence and all without prejudice! Caritas “Wir helfen” is so well organized – they should taken as an example!
People for People!

The Carrier Billing industry meets up!

150924 Global CB Conference London

Global Carrier Billing Conference 2015 was bringing together network operators, aggregators, solution providers and merchants for the first time this year. It was a unique opportunity to meet the whole carrier billing industry in one place and discuss how to overcome these challenges: it will provide a vital forum for the market.

Topics being discussed:
• Assess how to build the most successful partnerships with network operators
• Understand how you can ensure you maximise revenue generation from carrier billing
• Examine how cash factoring and bad debt challenges can be overcome
• Evaluating PSMS and projecting the long term role for this system
• Assess how DCB can facilitate bundling and consider what your bundling strategy should be.


Many operators and group representatives (eg. Orange, Deutsche Telekom,…) underlined that the partnership with DIMOCO is an ongoing success story for many years already. Our innovativeness and commercial power is exemplary for the rest of the industry.

Thank you Dmexco!

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Dmexco combines Cologne’s the vibrant pace with an exceptional show organization.

The show consisted of big players in the mobile industry, mainly focusing on to Advertisers and Affiliate Networks who hold a big part of the mobile traffic.


DIMOCO, represented by Sebastian König (Dimoco Germany) and Lily Xenou (Dimoco Greece) attended the show and would like to thank all contacts for their fruitful meetings.

DIMOCO Market Special: Carrier Billing France

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With a whopping 71.6 million mobile subscribers, carrier billing is the #1 digital payment method — the broadest reach in France. Via DIMOCO carrier billing, goods & services can be billed as one-off & subscription service, within a price range of 5 cents to 30 euros at Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free/Alice. While ePublishing (2.2bn EUR revenue in 2018), eGames (2.3bn EUR revenue in 2018) and home videos (1.6bn EUR revenue in 2018) are expected to grow, the digital music segment will slightly decrease to 104m EUR revenue in France in 2018.


“As the leading carrier billing provider we gain deep market insights which we happily share in our outstanding publications,” says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO Co-Founder and CEO, adding: “France is a huge market which gives merchants a great chance to use carrier billing to boost their sales achievements.”




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Summing up a great WWC in Madrid

150921 WWC resume


The ” SMS Corner ” at WWC is growing year by year. The attendants are a mix of long-term, well-established messaging API providers, network operators and Internet / VoIP telcos with a focus on A2P business .

As the OTT SMS traffic constantly rises, the OTT and Internet giants require direct termination to the network of carriers, without the middleman and without loss of quality . The buzzword in the A2P messaging area is called “Maximum Conversion” – very advantageous in this context is the strategy of DIMOCO , just the ” last mile ” to the operator , without intermediaries .

There was a lively exchange with partners such as Twilio , Syniverse , Open Market , CLX , Beepsend , Infobip and more.
Strategic discussions with network operators such as Telefonica , H3G also took place.

DIMOCO, which was represented by Matthias Höllerl and Anton Chmelar, would like to thank everyone for the constructive meetings. Next stop to meet DIMOCO : Messaging & SMS WORLD 1 & 2 December , London

TAF mobile wins “mobile ticketing” tender for Magdeburg transport services

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DIMOCO company TAF mobile GmbH, the Jena-based IT company specializing in local public transport, has been awarded the contract to develop and operate the “easy.GO” mobile ticketing service by Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG (MVB). The objective is to connect the new Magdeburg transport area to the existing version of the tried-and-tested easy.GO local public transport app by the end of the year as an additional sales channel for Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe.


This follows on from the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV), Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS) and Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) regions that have already been integrated.


Read more: TAF Mobile News

Market Special: A2P Wholesale Messaging in Germany

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In co-operation with Portio Research, DIMOCO published a new mobile messaging market special. This time the German A2P text messaging market has been analyzed. According to Portio Research, 11.4 billion A2P- and P2A-text messages were measured in Germany in 2013. In 2018 1.76 billion 1 and 2-way messages are expected worldwide.


“The German 1 and 2-way messaging market can be classified as a mature market. The contribution of A2P traffic is above worldwide average,” says Karl Whitfield, Research Director, Portio Research. “Our internal analyses confirm this as well. Aggregators as well as corporate customers use our 0-hop connection to the German mobile network operators,” says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO President & CEO.


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