DIMOCO’s Payment Service Act License Passported to the EU

DIMOCO payment license Europe

DIMOCO today announces that its established payment institute, that holds a payment service act license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), had its license passported to all 28 EU member states during February 2016. With this expansion of its license, the Fintech company is now a European-wide regulated payment institute with its payment service act license notified at the central banks across the EU.

“We are now in a solid position to support our telecom carriers and merchants in their EU-wide business efforts as the number one payment institute for carrier billing in Europe,” said Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO president & CEO.

DIMOCO trend update: more 1-click payment revenue in countries with higher smartphone penetration rate

Top smartphone countries

One of the incubators of carrier billing is the smartphone penetration rate. So, the higher the smartphone volume, the greater the potential to generate revenues from 1-click payment using the mobile channel. BUT: The beauty of carrier billing is that billing digital content can be also done on feature phones. Find out more about the carrier billing market potential and download your free copy of the DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe 3.0”: http://www.dimoco.eu/publications.html

MNOs vote for DIMOCO Messaging in the Rocco vendor performance report

Rocco SMS Vendor Performance Report

Rocco has launched its A2P SMS messaging vendor performance research 2016: Until June 6th, mobile network operators have the opportunity to give their views of A2P SMS vendors. DIMOCO messaging is happy to get your votes, dear MNOs! :-) To take part in the survey please follow the link: https://www.research.net/r/ROCCOA2PVP16


The vendor performance research is exclusive for MNOs. Market research company, Rocco, has fine-tuned the list of KPIs in which MNOs can rate vendors on performance and leadership in order to dig a little deeper into the current status of opinions of vendors. MNOs who take part will receive an exclusive executive summary report which shows a vendor’s ranking according to the MNO KPI ratings and an overview of all the hot topics.

DIMOCO trend update: What are the main drivers for the A2P messaging growth?

A2P SMS drivers

The A2P SMS market value worldwide is expected to grow from USD 55 billion in 2015 to USD 60 billion in 2020 says Juniper Research. DIMOCOs’ new A2P messaging trend overview shows the main drivers of the A2P SMS market growth. To download a free copy of the “mobile messaging worldwide” poster please go to the: publications area on the DIMOCO website

DIMOCO trend update: Carrier billing white paper shows up to 88% conversion rate

Conversion Rate Carrier vs Credit Card Billing

According to DIMOCOs’ brand new white paper first-time transaction rates for operator billing of 70-77% (vs. 10-12% on credit cards) and for repeat purchases of 80-88% conversion rate (vs. 20-25% on credit cards) have been measured. DIMOCO & Juniper Research white paper: “The future of carrier billing in Europe” was released in its third edition now and can be downloaded for free: Go to DIMOCO publications